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Retail Leases Act

Finding your ideal retail space is an exciting moment, but it’s best to lead with logic rather than emotion when it comes to your lease. Signing a lease puts you in a binding legal contract which is not simple to back out of. To avoid being caught in a lease that isn’t right for you, it’s always recommended you have it reviewed by a legal representative.

Leasepro have experience with a wide variety of commercial leases including retail spaces, offices, factories and warehouses. We work with both tenants and landlords to achieve the most ideal lease for all parties involved. Should a serious lease dispute occur, we also have experience providing legal advice on termination and evictions.

When to seek legal advice on your retail lease

Most tenants and landlords wait until a dispute occurs to consult professional lease lawyers, by which point it’s often much more costly. We always recommend engaging retail lease lawyers prior to signing so you have the chance to iron out any issues early on. It’s important to remember that a lease is a legal document and all parties are expected to uphold its contract until completion. Adjusting a lease is always much easier before it is signed, and if adjustments cannot be made – it may not be the right retail lease for you. From Melbourne to Sydney and more, we always consider the local laws and guidelines and offer our legal advice based on these.

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Professional legal advice is available across Australia with Leasepro. We are available across the country for your convenience. Call 1800 000 000 for our free lease helpline or find contact details for Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide and across Australia.


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