Termination & Eviction: Seeking Advice to Terminate Your Lease

Breaking a lease is a severe step to take and ideally dispute resolution has been attempted before the decision to terminate is made. The right to terminate often depends on the type of breach, the severity of the breach and whether it has been remedied or not. It’s also important to consider local laws and guidelines when looking to terminate your lease. For example, the rules around breaking a lease in Melbourne where you previously lived may differ to those in Sydney where you live now.

A lease is a legal contract, like any other, so it is always recommended to seek professional legal advice before terminating. Wrongfully breaking a lease can be an overstep which could render a party to liability for damages or even permit the other party to end the lease prematurely. Advice for landlords and tenants in every major city of Australia – Leasepro can assist you with rightful lease termination.

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What about evictions?

Eviction of a tenant is a far-reaching step. Evicting a tenant is only permitted strictly in accordance with the conditions of the applicable lease and even then, it is subject to applicable legislation and formalities. Tenant’s may also have an equitable right to relief from forfeiture and eviction in some circumstances. Leasepro has the expertise and experience to guide you with clear and practical advice regarding your rights and best options. Get in touch for no-obligation information about how we can help you.

We can assist you to draft, review or terminate your lease

Leasepro are professional lease lawyers who can advise on many different leasing enquiries. From drafting new leases to reviewing existing ones and, of course, breaking a lease – we’re here with knowledge and advice. From residential to varied commercial leases, such as retail and offices, our breadth of knowledge on leases spreads far and wide. Reach out to our team for personalised advice.

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