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A lease is a legal document like any other. Once signed, your lease is a contract which you are expected to uphold to its completion. For this reason, and many others, you don’t want to get your lease wrong. Whether you’re a tenant or a landlord anywhere in Australia, Leasepro can make sure the agreement you’re entering is sound. We draft leases for residential and commercial spaces, including retail, to the specifications of the state your property resides in. We also provide fixed fees for our legal advice, meaning no unknown costs or surprising bills on your end. With a focus on savvy solutions and professionalism, we’ll handle your lease in an accurate and efficient manner.

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Our team has experience working with both tenants and landlords to reach a fair result.
We’ve helped landlords defuse issues at their retail property in Melbourne, tenants get a fair deal on their apartment in Sydney and commercial owners tick all the lease boxes in Brisbane. If the worst case scenario should appear, we’re also equipped to handle lease termination and evictions. The breadth of our legal advice spans the whole spectrum of leasing enquiries and on occasion, issues. We work closely with our clients to gain a complete understanding of their leasing needs and to ensure our advice is always tailored to these needs.

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You wouldn’t purchase a property without a proper contract, why risk it on a lease? Our lease lawyers assist both tenants and landlords in all major cities across the country, from Sydney to Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide. Call our free lease helpline on 1800 000 000 or visit our contact page for contact details for your State.

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