Damage to Premises

Damage to premises by tenants can give rise to disputes particularly after tenants vacate. Normally fair wear and tare is provided for under Leases but beyond that disputes can arise.

Disputes can also  occur when owners neglect to perform maintenance. This can seriously affect the use or enjoyment of premises by the Tenant. Such disputes can involve questions of which party is responsible for the repairs or the redress the aggrieved party is at liberty to pursue.

In some cases damage to premises can arise from no fault at all, such as a storm event. More severe cases of damage can prevent use of premises. In such instances, the rights and remedies of the lessor and tenant and their entitlement to any insurance are of critical importance. Leasepro has the expertise and experience to guide you through such a difficult situation with clear and practical advice regarding your rights and best options. Get in touch for no-obligation information about how we can help you.